publications by categories in reversed chronological order.


  1. PhD Thesis
    Neuromechanical basis of airflow-dependent antennal positioning in hawkmoths
    Dinesh Natesan
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Manipal Academy of Higher Education , 2020


  1. Nat. Commun.
    Tuneable reflexes control antennal positioning in flying hawkmoths
    Dinesh Natesan ,  Nitesh Saxena ,  Örjan Ekeberg ,  and  Sanjay P. Sane
    Nature communications, 2019


  1. JEB
    Odor source localization in complex visual environments by fruit flies
    Nitesh Saxena ,  Dinesh Natesan ,  and  Sanjay P. Sane
    Journal of Experimental Biology, 2018
    Equal contribution