MATLAB analysis toolbox

assortment of codes for plotting, data-acquisition and data-analysis

Throughout the course of my PhD, I wrote a lot of useful matlab code snippets. Some of them have their own repository and some of them are lumped into one big repository. Here, I detail all of them and their usefulness.

Categorical scatter plot

I felt the box plot in MATLAB was inadequate as I wanted a combination of data point scatter and details of the distribution (the box). So I wrote a plotting function to mimic categorical scatter plots that is available in R and python.

Check it out here.

Data acquisition using NI-DAQs

When doing quick experiments, I have often felt the need of a simple GUI to quickly acquire data from a NI-DAQ (National Instruments Data Aquisition devices). Because none existed, I wrote my own in Matlab. It helped me do a lot of quick experiments and I hope it helps you too.

You can find the code here.

Matlab toolbox

This is a repository which has an assortment of useful codes. Have a peek and use what you like :nerd_face:

You can find the repository here.