Pitch-up maneuvers

how houseflies move their wings to produce pitch-ups in flight

Flying insects, especially those like houseflies are spectacularly agile. They easily fly around to avoid hands and anything we throw at them. The agility arises due to their fast and controlled wing movements, allowing them to change direction in a few wing beats.

In this project, we studied flight maneuvers in houseflies. We specifically focused on pitch-up maneuvers and linked wing movements to changes in body rotation. We have completed this project and are in the process of publishing the results of the study.

This page will be updated soon with additional details. Can’t wait? Part of the results are in my thesis (Appendix 3, link below). As always, feel free to contact me to know more about this.

  1. PhD Thesis
    Neuromechanical basis of airflow-dependent antennal positioning in hawkmoths
    Natesan, Dinesh