Odor localization

how fruitflies localize odor in diverse sensory environments

Flying insects, such as fruitflies, bees, moths, etc., are fantastic at finding food sources, mates, etc. They do this using their sense of smell, these flying insects follow plumes of odor to find the source.

In this project, we looked at how fruitflies find (localize) the odor source under different environments. We primarily used visual cues and airflow and looked at how odor tracking in flies changes when these cues were altered. The details of our study can be found in the below publication.

  1. JEB
    Odor source localization in complex visual environments by fruit flies
    Saxena, Nitesh, Natesan, Dinesh, and Sane, Sanjay P
    Journal of Experimental Biology 2018
    Equal contribution

I will update this page soon, with better descriptions and videos of the experiments. If you can’t stand to wait, feel free to contact me.