Recently, I wanted to get back to RSS feeds - there was a bit of a hiatus because I hadn’t kept up with it for a month or so and my feeds overflowed, so there was an increasing impetus to get back to it.

I wanted to start from scratch, but didn’t want to go with the standard feed readers (feedly, inoreader, etc). They are good but I find them a little to feature-heavy. I really wanted a minimalistic feed reader that was designed for reading on mobile platforms (which is what I will primarily use). I also wanted it to be self-hosted so that I could have more control over the data and the configuration.

After a bit of a search12, I went with miniflux – open-source, self-hosted, works well in mobile platforms, and opinionated in a way that works for me :smile:

I went ahead and set it up with heroku. It was very straightforward – I basically followed the steps in this page. It didn’t take only a few seconds (as mentioned in the guide) – more like a few minutes, but really, I was quite surprised at how fast I was able to set everything up!

I have been reading more and more feeds on my phone and the experience already has been way better than with other readers. I will keep updating this page based on the tweaks I make. Try it out – I am quite happy with it.